Destin Deep Sea Fishing

Destin Deep Sea Fishing

Catch and release fishing

in Destin has become a growing trend mainly because Destin is where the best fisherman congregates. Now you may be wondering why the ability of the fisherman has any bearing on whether they catch and release or not. As fisherman get better at catching fish they can easily catch their limit in a short amount of time. If you have hired a boat to fish the Destin area for the day and you catch all that you are allowed in the first couple of hours then you have a choice. You can either head back to shore to spend your day catching up on your yard work or you can enjoy the rest of the day doing catch and release fishing.

Remember that the point of catch and release is to have the fish survive the journey so you want to have a plan and know what to do:

· When you land the fish you want to minimize the amount of time that it spends out of water

· Do not use a net or a gaff since they can damage the fishes gills and cause injuries that would eventually kill the fish

· Do not handle the fish any more than you have to and try to keep your hands moist when you do come into contact with the fish

· Do not just toss the fish back into the water because the shock can sometimes kill them. Let he fish go into the water head first and if possible, let the fish make the plunge itself.

· In most instances you will want to use single hooks that have the barbs pinched shut. They are the easiest to remove from the fish without injuring them unduly. Avoid using artificial lures and spoons because they are specially designed to hook the fish as deeply as possible.

· It is best to catch and release after you have already caught your legal limit. If you are trying to decide which fish to keep and which to throw back then it will probably keep the fish out of the water too long while you make up your mind. If you know that you will be throwing back anything you catch then you can make the procedure quick and easy.

Destin is a great place for the experienced fisherman to enjoy a day of catch and release fishing but you do not have to be a pro to do it. Many of the local fishing boats will be glad to show you the ropes and you can be out on the water catching fish in no time.

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