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Summer is here and it is time to pack up those suitcases, hop in the car, or on a plane and head to the beach. Many of us will go to Florida this summer, choosing to spend our time away out on the beach and in the ocean.

Destin is a prime vacation spot in Florida, located on a peninsula separating the Gulf of Mexico and the Choctawhatchee Bay. Its white sandy beaches and beautiful emerald green water draw vacationers to Destin each year. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to meet your vacationing needs. Destin is the place to go when you want to get away. While lying on the beach may be a large part of what you want to do on vacation even that can become boring. Why not spice up your vacation with a Destin charter fishing voyage. Destin claims to be “the world’s luckiest fishing village” with a prime location to catch fish like grouper, red snapper, amberjack, king mackerel, mahi mahi, tuna, and marlin.

Maybe you are familiar with deep sea fishing or perhaps the extent of your fishing knowledge is catching bass in a stocked pond, regardless of your fishing experience, wonderful memories will be created for you and for your family. You can also pick the length of the fishing trip so you can cater more to your personal needs and preferences. You can choose trips as short as four or five hours or a day trip for eight to eighteen hours in length. There are also overnight trips for the avid fishermen lasting twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Bait, ice, tackle, licenses, and fishing equipment, everything you need to fish will be provided for you so bring along your family and friends and pack a cooler with some food the rest is supplied. Being out in the ocean rather than admiring it just from the beach will add so much to your vacation. You will never forget the experience and it will make you want to come back year after year. The Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful place to vacation and can provide entertainment for your whole family but Destin charter fishing will create amazing memories you would not be able to get spending all your time out on the beach. Playing in the sand is nice but being on the ocean, fishing is an experience of a lifetime.

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Cobia Fishing Destin

Spring Optimum for Destin Charter Boat Cobia Fishing

Cobia Fishing Destin

Cobia Fishing Destin

Warmer weather and rising water temperatures signal the beginning of spring migration of cobia…a hard-fighting game-fish. They can be spotted cruising inshore flats and channels along the northern Gulf coast. The cobia show up around mid-March to early April in response to warming surf. While migrating, this species travel northward along the coast of Florida, then westward into Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Water temperature is the key with sixty-eight to seventy degrees being optimum. Your charter boat captain will help you find, and then reel in the prized cobia.

Experienced Destin Charter Boat Captain Key to Successful Cobia Game Fishing

One popular method of fishing for cobia is sight fishing. They can be spotted around markers, ships, and rigs or anything else that can provide cover for them. Once spotted, cast free-lined live sardines, crab, or good sized shrimp out in front of them, using a quality spin casting combo with twenty-thirty pound test line. The only problem with this method is line twist after a couple of battles with the fish. Free spool type reels are often used with heavy jigs in place of live bait. The advantage these have over spinning reels is no line twist. Either way, smooth operation of tackle is imperative. Your charter boat captain can be relied upon to make good recommendations regarding choice of tackle and gear.

Once the Fish is Hooked the Thrill Begins

The cobia is a muscular, powerful fish and a thrilling catch. Once the fish is hooked, expect lots of line to come screaming off the reel. The angler can’t do much more than hang on. They are tough and hard-fighting. Even after the fish is into the boat the battle may not be over. Cobia have been known to damage boats and equipment not to mention injury to the sportsman. The key is to keep the fish under control as you get it into the box using a smooth single motion. Beware of the seven to ten dorsal spines on top of the body that stand erect when the fish is threatened as you are handling or unhooking, ready to gouge anything that gets in their way. Normally these spines are retracted under the skin. Rely on the experience of your charter boat crew to keep you safe resulting in a successful catch.

Cobia is a Prized Catch in More than One Way

The meat of cobia is white, flakey, and very mild tasting and some say that it has a slight lemon flavor (hence, the name lemon fish). If the angler decides to harvest the fish to use for food, the cobia must be netted or gaffed and placed immediately on ice. The first mate on board your Destin charter boat will prepare the fillets and package them for you. A single large fish will provide enough steaks to feed several families. Most recipes that call for a white mild tasting fish are well-suited to cobia meat. Its firm flesh makes it perfect for grilling.

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Destin Florida is Calling!

Destin Deep Sea Fishing

It’s that of year when Destin starts calling to you. Its spring break and we all have been cooped up during the winter season. Now it’s time to get out in the sun and enjoy the change of the season. Destin is a great choice for this escape out of the cold.

Now that you are here in Destin there are lots to do. Maybe you will choose to relax and enjoy a nice day at the beach. You could be adventuresome and try your hand at surfing or paddle boarding that is very popular in the area. Maybe you could do some sight seeing or enjoy some great cuisine.

However if you really want an adventure try your hand at deep sea fishing. This spring will bring lots of opportunity to catch some big fish. Amberjacks and swordfish are biting. However many people this time of year go after Cobia. Cobia fishing in Destin is really a great way to spend a day. If you want to book a Charter Fishing Boat; try Backlash Charters. Jason Mikel is considered one of the top captain in the gulf coast for finding where the Cobia are hiding. Cobia is one of those fish if you find them it is a great day. However even Jason admits some days luck is not on your side when fishing for Cobia. But on a day that lady luck shines; Cobia fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy your break from winter.

Backlash Charter Fishing of Destin is indeed a great way to improve your odds of catching some Cobia. Backlash is also planning on offering an April Cobia fishing special. Check out the main site by clicking here for details.

Destin hotels are wonderful. Also renting a condo is also a good option. Remember to book your trip early. Reservations are recommended for the area hotels and booking that dream fishing trip.

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