Spring Cobia Fishing in Destin

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Warmer weather and rising water temperatures signal the beginning of Spring’s migration of Cobia, a hard-fighting game-fish.
Spring is the Optimum time to go Cobia Fishing in Destin, FL

A Cobia Fish

They’re spotted cruising inshore flats and channels along the northern Gulf coast and show up around mid-March to early April in response to the warming surf. While migrating, Cobia travel northward along the coast of Florida, then westward into Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Water temperature is the key to a plentiful Cobia population: 68-70 degrees is optimal.

Experienced Destin Charter Boat Captain Key to Successful Cobia Game Fishing

As plentiful as Cobia can be around Destin, they’re not all that easy to find. One popular method of fishing for Cobia is called “sight fishing.” The fish are often spotted around markers, ships, rigs or anything else that can provide cover for them. Once spotted, fishermen cast free-lined live sardines, crab, or good sized shrimp out in front of them with twenty-thirty pound test line (Cobia are incredibly strong!) The only problem with this method twisted lines after only a couple of battles with a fish. Free-spool reels can be substituted with heavy jigs in place of live bait. The advantage of these is no line twist. Either way, smooth operation of tackle is imperative and you should rely on your charter boat captain to make good recommendations regarding choice of tackle and gear.

Once the Cobia is Hooked, the Thrill Begins

The Cobia is a muscular, powerful fish and a thrilling catch to make. Once the fish is hooked, expect lots of line to come screaming off the reel – and watch those fingers! At this point you can’t do much more than hang on. And even after the fish is into the boat, the battle may not be over! Cobia have been known to damage boats and equipment and in cases of unnecessary danger, injure the fisherman, too. The key is to keep the fish under control using a smooth single motion which is something your charter crew can help with. Beware of the 7-10 dorsal spines on top of the Cobia’s that stand erect when the fish is threatened, ready to gouge anything that gets in their way. Rely on the experience of your charter boat crew to keep you safe and ensure your catch is successful.CobiaCobia is a Prized Catch in More than One Way

The meat of Cobia is white, flakey, and very mild and some say it even has a slight lemon flavor. It’s sometimes actually referred to as the “lemon fish.” Most recipes that call for a white mild tasting fish are well-suited to cobia meat. Its firm flesh makes it perfect for grilling. If you decide to harvest the fish to use it for food, the Cobia must be netted or gaffed and placed on ice immediately. The first mate on board your Destin charter boat will most likely prepare the fillets and package them for you. A single large fish will provide enough steaks to feed your family for several meals, or enough for a fish feast!

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