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101 Fishing Quotes

101 Deep Sea Fishing quotes

1. “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after,” Henry David Thoreau.

2. “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles,” Doug Larson.

3. “Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers,” Herbert Hoover.

4. “A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office!” Author Unknown.

5. “A woman, who has never seen her husband fishing, doesn’t know what a patient man she married!” Author Unknown.

6. “Early to bed…early to rise…fish all day…make up lies,” Author Unknown.

7. “Some people will just never understand us, fishing isn’t just a pass time or a sport, it’s a way of life. DON’T MESS WITH MY WAY OF LIFE!” Author Unknown.

8. “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope,” Author Unknown.

9. “To fish or not to fish? That’s a dumb question,” Author Unknown.

10. “I spent most of my money on fishing. The rest I wasted,” Author Unknown.

11. “There is no limit to how many times you can go fishing,” Author Unknown.

12. “Life is like a game, but fishing is serious,” Author Unknown.

13. “Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will find bait in the fridge,” Author Unknown.

14. “Those who die with the most days fishing, wins,” Author Unknown.

15. “You say I`m a compulsive fishing freak like it’s a bad thing,” Author Unknown.

16. “There are two things in life you should never be late for, Number one is Church and Number two is fishing,” Author Unknown.

17. “I fish because I love to, not because I regard fishing as so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of man are equally unimportant; and not nearly so much fun,” Author Unknown.

18. “Tight lines, warm breezes, good friends, plenty of bait it doesn’t get any better,” Author Unknown.

19. “Work is for people who don’t know how to fish!” Author Unknown.

20. “Even a fish wouldn’t get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut,” Author Unknown.

21. “There are two types of fisherman – those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish,” Author Unknown.

22. “Fishing is the sport of drowning worms,” Author Unknown.

23. “I fish better with a lit cigar; some people fish better with talent,” Nick Lyons.

24. “Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl,” Ernest Hemingway.

25. “It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.” John Steinbeck.

26. “Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley,” Author Unknown.

27. “Fishing is a discipline in the equality of men – for all men are equal before fish,” Author Unknown.

28. “Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish,” Steven Wright.

29. “Good things come to those who bait,” Author Unknown.

30. “‘Carpe Diem,’ does not mean ‘fish of the day,’” Author Unknown.

31. “Gone fishin’, be back at dark-thirty!” Author Unknown.

32. “Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught,” Author Unknown.

33. “Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths,” Author Unknown.

34. “Soon after I embraced the sport of angling I became convinced that I should never be able to enjoy it if I had to rely on the cooperation of the fish,” Sparse Grey Hackle.

35. The fish and I were both stunned and disbelieving to find ourselves connected by a line,” William Humphrey in “The Armchair Angler,” Author Unknown.

36. “I’ve gone fishing thousands of times in my life, and I have never once felt unlucky or poorly paid for those hours on the water,” William Tapply.

37. “Angling is extremely time consuming. That’s sort of the whole point,” Thomas McGuane.

38. “In every species of fish I’ve angled for, it is the ones that have got away that thrill me the most, the ones that keep fresh in my memory. So I say it is good to lose fish. If we didn’t, much of the thrill of angling would be gone,” Ray Bergman.

39. “It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year,” Theodore Gordon.

40. “There will be days when the fishing is better than one’s most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home,” Roderick Haig Brown.

41. “One thing becomes clearer as one gets older and one’s fishing experience increases, and that is the paramount importance of one’s fishing companions,” John Ashley Cooper.

42. “The solution to any problem — work, love, money, whatever is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be,” John Gierach.

43. “If fishing is interfering with your business, give up your business,” Sparse Grey Hackle.

44. “Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it,” Harry Middleton.

45. “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago,” Zane Grey.

46. “By the time I had turned thirty, I’d realized two important things. One, I had to fish. Two, I had to work for a living,” Mallory Burton.

47. “I go fishing not to find myself but to lose myself,” Joseph Monniger.

48. “There is only one reason in the world to go fishing: to enjoy yourself. Anything that detracts from enjoying yourself is to be avoided,” Leigh Perkins.

49. “I only hope the fish will take half as much trouble for me as I’ve taken for them,” Rudyard Kipling.

50. “Carpe Diem” does not mean “fish of the day,” Author Unknown.

51. “Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job,” Paul Schullery.

52. “The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad,” A.K. Best.

53. “Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts,” Charles Waterman.

54. “Creeps and idiots cannot conceal themselves for long on a fishing trip,” John Gierach.

55. “Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy,” Jimmy Carter.

56. “Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher’s salary,” Patrick McManus.

57. “Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger,” Herbert Hoover.

58. “Do not tell fish stories where the people know you. Particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish,” Mark Twain.

59. “The best time to go fishing is when you can get away,” Robert Traver.

60. “Everyone should believe in something. I believe I’ll go fishing,” Henry David Thoreau.

61. “If all politicians fished, instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peace with the world,” Will Rogers.

62. “Wanted: Good woman – Must be able to clean, cook, sew, dig worms and clean fish. Must have boat and motor. Please send picture of boat and motor,” Author Unknown.

63. “Some people will just never understand us, fishing isn’t just a pastime or a sport, it’s a way of life,” Author Unknown.

64. “I spent most of my money on fishing. The rest I wasted,” Author Unknown.

65. “There is no limit to how many times you can go fishing,” Author Unknown.

66. “Life is like a game, but fishing is serious,” Author Unknown.

67. “Reading about baseball is a lot more interesting than reading about chess, but you have to wonder: Don’t any of these guys ever go fishing?” Author Unknown.

68. “The two best times to fish is when it’s rainin’ and when it ain’t,” Author Unknown.

69. “No life is so happy and so pleasant as the life of the well-govern’d angler,” Izaak Walton.

70. “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of something that is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope,” John Bucha.

71. “The fish is not so much your quarry as your partner,” Arnold Gingrich.

72. “The only thing bad about winning the pennant is that you have to manage the All-Star Game the next year. I’d rather go fishing for three years,” Whitey Herzog.

73. “I don’t want to sit at the head table anymore. I want to go fishing,” George Bush.

74. “You know when they have a fishing show on TV? They catch the fish and then let it go. They don’t want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late for something,” Mitch Hedberg.

75. “I like to fish. Fishing is always a way of relaxing,” Tom Felton.

76. “Fishing, with me, has always been an excuse to drink in the daytime,” Jimmy Cannon.

77. “It is to be observed that ‘angling’ is the name given to fishing by people who can’t fish,” Stephen Leacock.

78. “I only make movies to finance my fishing,” Lee Marvin.

79. “The best fisherman I know try not to make the same mistakes over and over again; instead they strive to make new and interesting mistakes and to remember what they learned from them,” John Gierach.

80. “Just as in cooking there’s no such thing as a little garlic, in fishing there’s no such thing as a little drag,” H.G. Tapply.

81. “I have fished through fishless days that I remember happily without regret,” Roderick Haig Brown.

82. “There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process,” Paul O’Neil.

83. “Most fishermen swiftly learn that it’s a pretty good rule never to show a favorite spot to any fisherman you wouldn’t trust with your wife,” John Voelker.

84. “I am firmly convinced that the ideal combination leading to a happy life is to have the time to both fish and read,” Brian Murphy.

85. “The angling fever is a very real disease and can only be cured by the application of cold water and fresh, untainted air,” Theodore Gordon.

86. “That’s about as big as a fish that big gets,” Author Unknown.

87. “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you’re a consultant,” Scott Adams.

88. “So long, and thanks for all the fish,” Douglas Adams.

89. “Which fish dresses the best? A: A swordfish because it always looks sharp!” Johnny B. Laughing.

90. “A day without fishing is like a day without sunshine,” Author Unknown.

91. “Always think like a fish, no matter how weird it gets,” Author Unknown.

92. “A man and his boat do not need to be justified,” Author Unknown.

93. “Fish stories told here…. some true!” Author Unknown.

94. “Fisherman’s prayer: Lord, help me to catch fish so large, that even I, in the telling of it, never need to lie,” Author Unknown.

95. “Fishing is fun…catching is better,” Author Unknown.

96. “I don’t exaggerate…I just remember big!” Author Unknown.

97. “I got a fishing rod for my wife – good trade,” Author Unknown.

98. “I fish because the voice in my head tells me to,” Author Unknown.

99. “I’m a man of few words, “Let’s fish,” Author Unknown.

100. ”The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad,” A.K. Best.

101. “Fishing is a discipline in the equality of men – for all men are equal before fish,” Herbert Hoover.





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101 Unique Boat Names

"fishing boat"As anglers, we have all seen fun and unique boat names that show a little bit about the personality of the owner. Here are 101 favorites. When available, the explanation behind the name is given, but all of them are fun regardless of what prompted being christened with such personality.

  • 33 Megabites – So named because the owner is a software engineer; using “bites” instead of “bytes” implies fish biting.
  • A Little Nauti – Enough said!
  • After Taxes
  • Allmine
  • Almost Home
  • Aloan Again
  • Aloan at Last
  • Aquabums
  • Aqua-holic
  • At Eaze
  • Aye Sea U
  • Beached Buoys
  • Beats Shopping
  • Blown Assets
  • Boat-of-us
  • Boatox
  • Boatrupt
  • Boatwiser
  • BONU$$
  • Can’t Take it With Ya – Nope, you can’t. So you might as well enjoy the time you have.
  • Carpe Diem
  • C-H20 (sea water)'fishing boat"
  • Channel Surfer
  • Clairebuoyant
  • Contagious Habit
  • Couple’s Therapy
  • Cyrohsis Of The River – The owner of the boat apparently liked to play bartender, too!
  • Decisions, Decisions
  • Dijabringabeeralong – Well? It’s BYOB up in here.
  • Don’t Panic – (written upside-down on the hull)
  • Due South
  • Easily Amused
  • Empty Pockets
  • Fah Get A Boat It
  • Far Fetched – So named because “to fetch” in nautical terms means to arrive at or to reach (or to hold a course or veer).
  • Finding Nemo – Named in honor of the couple’s toddler’s favorite movie.
  • Fish Bone
  • Fish Tales
  • Fish Tank
  • Fishfull Thinking
  • Flats Rascal – The owners enjoy fishing the flats of the north Florida gulf coast, and music by Rascal Flatts.
  • For Sail
  • Fuelish Behavior – Apparently, the boat had a larger engine than was actually necessary!
  • Genuine Draft
  • Hammer Head – the owner of this boat worked in the construction field, when not out fishing.
  • If You Can Read This Flip Me Over -(written upside down)
  • Just Messin’ About – taken from the story of the Wind and the Willows.
  • Knot Hers – A husband’s reminder that the boat was his, as his wife wanted nothing to do with fishing.
  • Knot So Fast
  • Knot4Sail
  • Lazy Sunday
  • Le’MiGeaux – A made up French word to say – Let Me Go!
  • Les Go – Named in memory of the owner’s dad, Les, who was known for often saying, “Le’s go!” in regards to fishing.
  • Marlin Monroe"fishing boat"
  • Maybe Later
  • Minor Key
  • Moor Often then Knot
  • Mortrubl – it was the owner’s second boat, purchased after their first one had sunk.
  • Motion Sustained
  • My Miss Stress
  • Notta-Yachta
  • Off road
  • Off the Hook!
  • Our Little Secret – Where did the name come from? We can’t tell you- it’s a secret!
  • Pepsea
  • Perfect Form
  • Pier Pressure
  • Present Perfect
  • Prop a Sea (prophecy)
  • Puddle Pirate – The owner is a Coast Guard reservist.
  • Queen of Denial – Work? What work?
  • Reality Bytes
  • Reel Distracted – The owners of this boat found that being on the water and fishing kept them distracted from the humdrum of daily activities.
  • Relatively Faithful – Named to reflect the mindset shared by the boat and the owner.
  • Sails Call
  • Saltwater Taffy
  • Seaduction
  • Seas the Day"fishing boat"
  • Sea-U-Late-Oar
  • She Got the House – Named by a man who obviously valued his boat.
  • Ship’s ‘bout to Get Real!
  • Sir Osis of the River
  • Smells Like Fish – After all, what boat doesn’t?
  • Taco the Town
  • The Cod Father
  • The Late Show – The couple who owned this boat, purchased it after they retired.
  • This End Up
  • Three Sea Sons – Owners named it as such, because there are 3 seasons most common for fishing, and the fact that they had 3 sons.
  • Undertow
  • Vitamin Sea
  • Wake Up Call
  • Wave Runner
  • Wave Slicer
  • Wave walker
  • Weak Moment
  • Whatever Floats Your Boat…
  • Windansea – A reference to the owner’s time in Wilmington, NC.
  • Yeah buoy
  • YOLO

Have more boat names to add? Feel free to share them in the comments.




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5 Things to Remember about Catching the Impressive Sailfish

Perhaps one of the most commonly caught fish aboard the Finest Kind this time of year is the sailfish. Long and sleek, with a tall dorsal fin that often stretches along their entire back and an elongated bill that resembles that of a swordfish, the sailfish is commonly found in waters ranging from 90 to 200 feet deep. These impressive fish are quite strong and move quickly, making them a delightful challenge to reel in. In fact, it was a sailfish that earned Captain Lance Moss of Surfari Charters International, the title of Winner in the SUP Division of the 2012 Destin Fishing Rodeo when he reeled in a 65.8-pound sailfish.

sailfishAhhh, but reeling them in is only half the fun, first you need to hook them, as Captain Moss did. Thankfully, when you fish aboard the Finest Kind, our crew knows what bait is needed to make that awesome sailfish photo op a reality. However, should you be interested in trying your hand (and casting arm, too) at catching a sailfish, then there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

1. When baiting your hook with live bait, be sure to bait through the nose or lips so that it can swim out a bit and let out the line. This will also attract the attention of the sailfish.
2. These fish are fast and heavy (they can weigh as much as 100 pounds) so be sure you use a 40 to 60 pound monofilament.
3. Keep in mind that sailfish like to hunting into the current, so be sure to align yourself accordingly. On a charter boat fishing trip, the captain will take care of this for you.
4. If you use a circle hook let the fish run a few seconds before engaging the reel. When you go to set the hook, let the circle hook do its job and set in the corner of the fish’s mouth.
5. Remember, angling for sailfish is not a solo sport, but a team activity. You need to know which person will be responsible for what aspect of the catch. Managing the boat, fighting the fish to get into the boat and then releasing the fish take strength and sometime a bit of patience, too. Once you get the fish in the boat, be certain to wear gloves to protect both yourself and the fish.
When catching sailfish, be prepared for a wildly, exciting time as these fish can get crazy. They will make screeching sounds and high jumps. Of course, these same aspects are what make sailfish fishing so much fun. When you catch a sailfish aboard a charter boat such as the Finest Kind, then you will have the support you need to reel in one of the powerful fish.



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In the Know about Inshore Fishing in Destin, Florida

Inshore fishing is when one is fishing along the bottom of a waterway that is often no more than 10 or 12 feet deep. It can be done in fresh or saltwater and provides a great deal of pleasure for many anglers -not to mention, a wide variety of fish to be caught. One may choose to fish along the banks and ledges where there is a natural or man-made cover or from a boat. In the past few years, there has been resurgence in inshore fishing in Destin.

mackerel 2Thanks to the Choctawhatchee Bay’s many inlets and estuaries there are many shallow inshore fishing locations in the Destin area. These waterways are abundant in water grass flats bordered by reed grass and tree lined shores making them the perfect habitat for not just the fish that reside there, but also prime habitats for shrimp, oysters and crabs – all favorite foods for the myriad of fun to catch, taste bud tantalizing saltwater fish caught when inshore fishing in Destin.

In the Destin, Florida area inshore fishing means saltwater anglers often catch such species as eel, mackerel, barracuda, redfish, sheepshead, black drum, sharks, flounder and spotted sea trout to name just a few, though there are dozens more that could be mentioned! Of course, these can be very strong and feisty fish, so catching them requires using stronger equipment than one would use for standard freshwater fishing.

Your rods and reels need to be strong enough or it will break – especially should you hook one of the larger species of fish. In addition to sturdiness, it also needs to be rated for saltwater as the water itself can cause significant damage to your gear. Consider using reels that are stainless steel, titanium or fiber with at least a 10-pound monofilament line. For larger fish such as redfish and mackerel, you will need slightly stronger lines and gear. Other key elements when going inshore saltwater fishing include:

  • Circle hooks in 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 sizes
  • A 7-foot, medium action spinning rod
  • A 30-pound test fluorocarbon leader material to refract light when under the water thus making it nearly invisible to the fish
  • A torpedo-shaped top water plug
  • A 1/8 to ¼ ounce jighead paired with a live or artificial shrimp.

While anyone can get in a canoe or small fishing boat, load up their gear and bait and enjoy inshore saltwater fishing, to truly enjoy the sport, boarding a charter is the way to go. A charter boat will be able to go a few miles offshore, and will provide all the equipment and bait you will need. Then after your successful day on the water, your fish will be cleaned for you so that all you have left to do is tell the stories and enjoy a meal or three featuring the fish you wrangled to the boat.

So the next time you are looking for a new fishing adventure, why not cast line towards some Destin inshore fishing action? You are certain to have a wonderful time.



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The Destin Deep Sea Fishing Experience

Deep sea fishing in Destin is an experience everyone should share!

The good news is, it’s even more affordable than ever. Whether you’re going out with the boys, creating a new family memory, or are just seeking an adventure, there’s no bad reason to visit the sandy shores of Destin, FL for a deep sea fishing trip.

Finest Kind LogoLong known for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets, Destin regularly tops national lists for best and most family-friendly vacation destinations. Even with its popularity, many people still don’t know how great the deep sea fishing is here! Year after year, people talk about the great stories they return home with and the photos they share with friends and neighbors – and some are so spectacular they encourage others to try out deep sea fishing in Destin’s waters, too! We’re firm believers that when you’re on vacation, you should take some time to really get away from it all.

One of the most popular reasons people come to Destin for deep sea fishing excursions is part of a bachelor party or “guy’s weekend.” It’s an easy-to-organize plan that’s tons of fun without being too wild. You and your buddies can get out in the sun and enjoy the water. Destin’s fish vary by season – from Amberjack to Grouper – but the unknown is a big part of the excitement!

Amberjack is one of Destin’s local specialties. To catch these challenging fish you need to choose a top notch Destin Charter Fishing Boat to guide you to where schools are and show you the ropes of reeling the big one in. Choosing the right charter boat can be the difference in having a fun filled day or just coming home with a tan. Captain Jason Mikel and his crew on the Finest Kind are recognized as one of the most knowledgeable charter boat services in Destin when it comes to finding Amberjacks. Locals know they’re the go-to operation – but now the secret’s out!

Fisherman Holding AmberjackSo, isn’t it time you got out there and saw the world away from land?

We take pride in our highly trained staff that’s always available to answer questions and keep your party safe. Parents, wives, and friends will feel at ease knowing their day-sailors are in good hands. If you’re going to try deep sea fishing fort he first time, why not go with experts in the field who know the best places to fish?

And with affordable rates for any size party, there’s sure to be a trip to fit practically any budget. Many companies promise to give the best in fishing trips, but not all can provide the experience and comfort you’ll find on a Finest Kind voyage! Contact us today to find out how affordable a charter deep sea fishing excursion really is. You’re going to be surprised!

Deep sea fishing in Destin isn’t something everyone has experienced, but they should. Have something different to take home from your vacation than sunbathing and crowded pools. Fun, adventure, and a little peace and quiet…isn’t that what a vacation is all about?

Ready to book your trip on the Finest Kind?

Reserve your choice time slot now to ensure you get the time and day that suits your vacation plans. It’s always smart to book your trip ahead of time as professional and yearly anglers typically snag the prime slots quickly.

See you in the waters of Destin where you’ll be making memories for a lifetime!




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The World's Luckiest Fishing Village: Destin, Florida

In Destin, Florida, inshore fishing is a family-friendly activity that’s not only fun, but can result in some rather tasty future meals, too! Inshore fishing generally refers to fishing off a pier or in the shallow salt flats along shore.

Have You Tried Inshore Fishing Yet?

Photo Strip of People Deep Sea Fishing

Because of its shallow depth, inshore fishing is the perfect way to catch lots of delicious fish like:

  • Redfish
  • Bonefish
  • Tarpon
  • Spotted Sea Trout

Like any sport, inshore fishing in Destin, known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” has its own set of unwritten rules. That’s why working with a local is so important! We’re able to take you to the piers and shorelines where you can catch your limit, we know where to find the bait you need, and even more importantly, we can guide you on the right rods and reels to use. (Or even better, schedule a fishing trip directly with us and we’ll provide all the needed fishing gear you need!)

If you do decide on an inshore fishing trip in Destin without a pro, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Be patient and understand the hierarchy. Anglers will fish for sharks and big game fish such as Cobia, King Mackerel, Redfish and Tarpon off the end of the pier. Towards the middle of the pier, you’ll find anglers fishing for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. On the shallow end of the pier, people will be fishing for Panfish and Pompano.
  2. When fishing for Cobia, the first person to spot them gets to cast first. If they don’t get a bit then the fish is then fair game for everyone else.
  3. Boats must, by Florida law, stay at 300 feet away from of a surf pier. Failure to follow this rule may result in a ticket – and sometimes pier anglers take matters into their own hands! Follow this rule to avoid a flurry of high-flying lead weights in your direction.
  4. Transport all your fishing gear using something with wheels. This, of course, isn’t a rule but it will make your inshore fishing adventure easier to enjoy.  If you don’t have a wheeled item for transporting fishing gear, a 5-gallon bucket is great, plus is does double duty as a seat.
  5. Ask around about the best kinds of tackle. When it comes to bait, talk to the locals and find out what is working best for the fish you want to catch.

Inshore fishing in Destin, Florida is a great way to spend a day.

So grab your rod and reels, get some bait, and come visit the piers to see the most skilled anglers practice their craft in The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village. With so many types of fish to catch, you’ll wonder why you ever considered fishing anywhere else!




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Shark Fishing in Destin

shark fishing charter DestinSharks have been around millions of years, predating dinosaurs and humans. Though we dread the thought of encountering sharks on our playful days at the beach, the presence of sharks in the Gulf of Mexico is a reality. Sharks live and hunt just off the coast of Destin, Florida. These monsters of the gulf give us plenty of reason to be aware of our surroundings while splashing around in their hunting grounds. Sharks are one of the most highly avoided and feared species in the world. That is, until you experience sharks from a fisherman’s perspective.

Shark charter fishing is one of the most thrilling experiences available for adventure seekers. Within the safety net of an experienced captain and crew members, guided shark fishing trips are the best way to experience the strength, size, and beauty of sharks in a one on one encounter. Once you feel the strength of the bite, the battle has just begun. Winning the tug of war match between man and shark is determined by knowledge and wit. Though sharks are unpredictable creatures, the help of an experienced charter crew is essential for the best chances of reeling in a massive trophy shark.

With a number of shark species in the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find that there is plenty of variances between size, speed, and capabilities among the sharks that call the gulf home. It is important to understand the laws and regulations for shark fishing in the gulf, as they are different for each species that you may encounter. This is another great reason for shark charter fishing out of Destin, Florida. Whether you’re interested in catch and release, or catch and keep, the Finest Kind charter boat can help you to distinguish the keepers from the untouchables, while hosting your unique charter experience for shark fishing adventures. There is truly nothing more exciting in the world of fishing than hooking a shark!

caught sharkDestin, FL is a Shark Fishing Paradise

There are many types of sharks in Destin but those most commonly caught on the Emerald Coast include Bull Sharks, Hammerhead, Blacktips, and Sand sharks. It is also possible to hook Shortfin Makos or Tiger sharks in deeper waters, particularly if you’re working with an experienced charter deep sea fishing crew.

We intend to make your charter fishing experience both exciting and educational. Though you will be in great hands and learn from the Finest Kind charter crew, while on board, we encourage you and your shark charter fishing guests to learn more about the species that you will be hunting. Not only are shark facts interesting, but you’ll get to know your opponent and his characteristics well enough to say “Shark On” by the tug of your line!

Bull Sharks
Bull Sharks are very plentiful but also dangerous. The Bull Shark is among the top three species involved in human attacks, and it can be very menacing. This shark is a very territorial fish that prefers to stay close to shore and can even survive in fresh water. Chumming and drift fishing are great ways to hook Bull Sharks.

Hammerhead Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks are well known for their distinctive and unusual head shapes, and they’re one of our favorites. These sharks prefer to swim in schools by day but act as lone hunters at night. These sharks are listed as a catch and release only fish and are best sought out as part of a chartered deep sea fishing excursion.

Blacktip Sharks
Blacktip Sharks do not grow as heavy as some other sharks but they can still put up a terrific fight which make them a prime target for deep sea fishing adventurers. Blacktips are eating machines that love any kind of bait! They’re popular for their unique flavor and are common on many restaurant menus here in Destin.

Sand Sharks
Sand Sharks, named for their preference to stay near the shore line, are a mean-looking fish. They actually swim with their mouths open, displaying three rows of sharp pointy teeth. Sand sharks are the only known species of shark that will rise to the surface to gulp air which can give the kids quite a scare! They store the air in their stomachs so they can maintain a buoyancy to hunt prey while remaining nearly motionless. These sharks are catch and release only.

Tiger Sharks
Tiger Sharks are easily recognized by their unique pattern. Spotted as juveniles, these marks combine to form stripes as the shark matures which gives them a tiger-like appearance. This shark is one of the largest caught by Florida fishermen and their strength and size make them a formidable foe.

Mako Sharks
Mako Sharks are known among anglers as one of the most exciting sharks to catch. They’re always popular among bachelor parties and guy’s groups! These sharks are known for jumping up to 20 feet out of the water with amazing speeds and they’re the fastest swimming shark in the ocean.

Brace Yourself for Battle!

Shark Fishing in Destin, Florida, is a thrilling experience you’ll surely never forget!  Come to the heart of the Emerald Coast and make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to talk about your options for shark fishing among Destin’s waters.





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King Mackerel: (Scomberomorus cavalla)

King Mackerel

King Mackerel Image Source: Marine Creations Taxidermy

King mackerel are one of the most popular game fish to hunt in Destin, Florida. They’re big, they’re fast, and they’re totally delicious! If you hook up with one of these smokers, get ready for the exciting fight that comes along with the King of all “Mack”-Daddy fish found in the Gulf of Mexico.

King Mackerel Teeth

King Mackerel Image Source:

Meet the King Mackerel

King mackerel are favored for their size and abundance, which makes them an excellent tournament fish. They are known for their speed, fight, and their delicate flavor. Followers of warm temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit, these pelagic species are found both nearshore and  offshore in the Panhandles’s gulf waters, beginning in late March through mid-November, but primarily during the spring and summer months, peaking between May and October. Kings are unpredictable from day to day, but can be caught with live or frozen baits and artificial lures, using both various trolling methods and anchoring. One of the ways we spot King Mackerels is by looking for large schools of bait fish that they may be feeding on. The good news is, the waters of Destin are so crystal clear sometimes you can see the Mackerel right from the boat!


King Mackerel VS. Spanish Mackerel

The Difference Between King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel Image Source:

The color of king mackerel varies from a black iridescent to bluish green on the top, and silver sides. The body is smooth-running with a tapered head. The lateral line distinguishes a king mackerel from other mackerel species, as it is set high towards the front of the body, and sharply drops down under the second dorsal fin. The young king mackerel are often mistaken for Spanish mackerel because they often have yellowish spots on their sides, around the lateral line. However, the dorsal fins can be used to tell differentiate the Spanish from the king mackerel.

King Mackerel

King Mackerel Image Source

The teeth of king mackerel are extremely sharp, and are used to devour a multitude of prey. King mackerels weigh anywhere from 5-50 lbs., with average catches coming in around 15-20 lbs. The Florida state record for largest king mackerel was 90 lbs. Seasoned anglers sometimes refer to large king mackerels as “smokers” for their strike and speed during the fight. Small king mackerels under 15 lbs are sometimes referred to as “snakes,” which relates to their strike and speed, as well.


Like most fish species found in the Gulf of Mexico, king mackerel are a migratory species that follow bait fish into the waters off the coast of Destin. Usually found in schools and around structure, they are frequent visitors to the edges of reefs and wrecks where they can feed on other bait fish. King mackerels, like their distant cousins the Wahoos, are aggressive, hard-hitters known for their speedy runs. You’ll hear people say that Mackerels attack the bait “like a missile” which obviously makes them a lot of fun for any charter fishing expedition. King mackerel are capable of spinning 100 to 200 hundred yards of line off of the spool in the first thirty seconds of the fight.

What do Mackerels Eat?

King Mackerels are migratory carnivores who like to feed on squid and small fish. King mackerel are sight hunters, which makes any silvery or bright live bait or lure appealing. However, kings will follow the scent of chum, which makes chunking and chumming an effective way to draw them to your bait. With any sight hunting fish, considerations must be given to the day’s tide, moon phases, and weather conditions, as sight hunting fish rely on light to feed. With the location of king mackerels varying from day to day in the Gulf of Mexico, chartering with an experienced captain and crew offers the best advantage for hooking up with local kings. Though there are a variety of live bait sources for king mackerel fishing off the cost of Destin, the fishermen favorites around here include cigar minnows, herring, hardtail, threadfin herring, ladyfish, and bluefish.

King Mackerel Live Bait

Common Live Bait for King Mackerel across the Florida coast Image Source :

What they prey on depends on their size. King Mackerels in Destin are usually found in small groups but we see them often living alone. Live bait is usually what works best for us, but King Mackerel will also hit artificial baits from time to time.Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows and Sabiki Rigs with live baits seem to work well. To maximize your chances of hooking a king mackerel our best advice is to utilize as many bait type resources as possible by using multiple bait types including live, artificial, and frozen or thawed bait strips.

Live Bait Rig Trolling King Mackerel

Live Bait Rig Trolling for King Mackerel Image Source:

Techniques for Catching King Mackerel

Trolling is one of the best ways to catch these fish while also enjoying Destin’s emerald green waters! While trolling with live bait is accomplished by moving slowly with live bait on top, and a downrigger below the surface, this method is typically used during tournaments to land larger fish. Faster trolls with frozen baits and lures may be characteristic of smaller king mackerel, but offers a bigger opportunity for more mackerel meat with higher quantities of smaller kings more likely to hit the bait more frequently at a faster pace. While trolling for king mackerel, you can expect to get bites from other species who chase the same bait and have similar habits.

King mackerel are notorious for being caught when targeting other game fish. When bottom fishing in the Panhandle of Florida, throwing out a drift line is a great way to prepare for the chance of encountering king mackerel as an added bonus on your fishing trip. Dropping a chum block and mixing a chummy recipe of cut bait syrup will call in the bait fish, which draw in the kings, as well as other species that are in the area.

King Mackerel

King Mackerel caught with Captain Jason Mikel of the Finest Kind

King Mackerel Destin

King Mackerel caught with Captain Jason Mikel of the Finest Kind



Local Advantage

For your best chance of spotting and reeling a King Mackerel, consider chartering your own deep sea fishing crew for the day. Locals know exactly how to spot these lightning-fast fish, and a captain and crew are familiar with the daily conditions that affect the constant change in king mackerel feeding habits.

Schedule your Charter with the Finest Kind today!

Finest Kind Charter Boat Destin, Florida

How to Enjoy Your Fresh-Caught Mackerel

mackerel dinnerKing Mackerel is a delicious fish when eaten fresh. It has a rich flavor and the meat is flaky and soft, but does not freeze well, so we recommend cooking them up the day you catch them. Fish that are between 24″-30″ are the best to catch and keep as they’re younger and lower in mercury. Larger, older King Mackerel can build up mercury that can make the meat unsafe to consume, especially for children and pregnant women.

An ideal catch for beginners or seasoned anglers the King Mackerel in Destin, Florida is one of a kind. Fishing for these beauties is an exciting experience that no one’s going to forget anytime soon!

Visit Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for King Mackerel Recipes





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Destin Fishing by the Seasons

Looking for the excitement of catching a big fish for fun, high thrills, or just for dinner? Destin is the right place to go! The area is famous for its crystal clear emerald-green waters, pure quartz sand, and magnificent fishing.

destin ocean

Destin also has some of the best deep-sea fishing spots in the world!

Destin was founded by Billy Marler and Captain Leonard Destin in the mid 1800’s. The area was named after Captain Destin, a master angler that originally came to the area to take advantage of the large array of fish in the nearby waters. By the early 1900’s, the first private charter business in Destin began to take thrill seeking anglers out to harvest the gulf waters. At the time, the area was known as “The Bill Fish Capital of the Gulf” and has since grown into the deep-sea fishing destination phenomenon it is today.

Florida’s waters are home to a large variety of exciting big game fish. Depending on the season there’s always something to catch!


In the spring you might reel in Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper, White Snapper, Black Snapper, Shark, Triggerfish, Spanish Mackerel, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, and Cobia.


Summer time means better fishing for Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Black Snapper, White Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish, Shark, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, and Marlin.


Get lucky in the fall with Grouper, Vermilion Snapper, Black Snapper, White Snapper, Amberjack, Shark, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, and Marlin.


Winter months are great for catching White Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Black Snapper, Triggerfish and Tuna.

What does Destin have in store for you?

From hooking the most challenging species of fish like a shark to a milder thrill like the hunt for a delicious King Mackerel, Destin has a deep-sea adventure perfect for all ages. It’s time you got your family to Destin, Florida, to experience the deep sea fishing trip of a lifetime!



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The Best Fishing Spots in Destin!

Take a bay area fishing vacation and see why Destin is called “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village“. Our crystal clear waters and huge variety of fish make the emerald coast a fisherman’s paradise. If you’re unfamiliar with the area just one trip will open your eyes to it’s position as one of the best inshore bay fishing spots in the country.

For the best in Destin Bay Fishing it’s always best to charter a fishing adventure with an experienced captain. A local will know the waters well as any fourth generation fisherman, and he’ll be able to advise you on rules, laws, and general fishing best practices. Bay charters are affordable and fun for the whole family!

If you prefer to seek out your own fishing hole in Destin; here are a few suggestions:

The Destin Bridge

The Destin Bridge is home to Sheepshead, Gray Snapper, Grouper, Redfish, and Spadefish. Cruise around it in a boat or take a walk to try find different spots that may be less crowded.

East and West Jetty

Fishing Destin’s East and West Pass Jetties is a unique experience. Here you’ll get excellent views of Destin’s harbor, beach, and be able to watch the boats coming in and out. Due to tidal changes, this area is a prime feeding ground for a large variety of fish like Sheepshead, Flounder, Redfish, Trout, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Shark, and baitfish.

Coast Guard Station

The Coast Guard Station has grass beds and a rock wall that has created the ideal environment for a lot of different fish. Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Mullet, Ladyfish and Pinfish are popular in this area. Although certain spots are marked as “keep out” areas, there are plenty of pockets where anglers are allowed to fish.

Norriego Point

Just past the East and West Jetties, Norriego Point is a fantastic inshore fishing spot. You can find Ladyfish, Redfish, Trout, Jacks, Flounder, and lots of baitfish!

Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier

The Okaloosa Fishing Pier juts out 1,262 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. The Okaloosa Fishing Pier is a great place to buy bait and you don’t need a license to fish here. Stay near the shore for easier catches or go to the end and test your skill with more challenging fish.

Bay fishing in Destin is a great experience for anglers of all ages and skill levels. We formally invite you to come to Destin and experience the very best inshore bay fishing around! Well, as formally as a casual beach town can, anyway…



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