5 Things to Remember about Catching the Impressive Sailfish

Perhaps one of the most commonly caught fish aboard the Finest Kind this time of year is the sailfish. Long and sleek, with a tall dorsal fin that often stretches along their entire back and an elongated bill that resembles that of a swordfish, the sailfish is commonly found in waters ranging from 90 to 200 feet deep. These impressive fish are quite strong and move quickly, making them a delightful challenge to reel in. In fact, it was a sailfish that earned Captain Lance Moss of Surfari Charters International, the title of Winner in the SUP Division of the 2012 Destin Fishing Rodeo when he reeled in a 65.8-pound sailfish.

sailfishAhhh, but reeling them in is only half the fun, first you need to hook them, as Captain Moss did. Thankfully, when you fish aboard the Finest Kind, our crew knows what bait is needed to make that awesome sailfish photo op a reality. However, should you be interested in trying your hand (and casting arm, too) at catching a sailfish, then there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

1. When baiting your hook with live bait, be sure to bait through the nose or lips so that it can swim out a bit and let out the line. This will also attract the attention of the sailfish.
2. These fish are fast and heavy (they can weigh as much as 100 pounds) so be sure you use a 40 to 60 pound monofilament.
3. Keep in mind that sailfish like to hunting into the current, so be sure to align yourself accordingly. On a charter boat fishing trip, the captain will take care of this for you.
4. If you use a circle hook let the fish run a few seconds before engaging the reel. When you go to set the hook, let the circle hook do its job and set in the corner of the fish’s mouth.
5. Remember, angling for sailfish is not a solo sport, but a team activity. You need to know which person will be responsible for what aspect of the catch. Managing the boat, fighting the fish to get into the boat and then releasing the fish take strength and sometime a bit of patience, too. Once you get the fish in the boat, be certain to wear gloves to protect both yourself and the fish.
When catching sailfish, be prepared for a wildly, exciting time as these fish can get crazy. They will make screeching sounds and high jumps. Of course, these same aspects are what make sailfish fishing so much fun. When you catch a sailfish aboard a charter boat such as the Finest Kind, then you will have the support you need to reel in one of the powerful fish.

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