Shark Fishing in Destin

shark fishing charter DestinSharks have been around millions of years, predating dinosaurs and humans. Though we dread the thought of encountering sharks on our playful days at the beach, the presence of sharks in the Gulf of Mexico is a reality. Sharks live and hunt just off the coast of Destin, Florida. These monsters of the gulf give us plenty of reason to be aware of our surroundings while splashing around in their hunting grounds. Sharks are one of the most highly avoided and feared species in the world. That is, until you experience sharks from a fisherman’s perspective.

Shark charter fishing is one of the most thrilling experiences available for adventure seekers. Within the safety net of an experienced captain and crew members, guided shark fishing trips are the best way to experience the strength, size, and beauty of sharks in a one on one encounter. Once you feel the strength of the bite, the battle has just begun. Winning the tug of war match between man and shark is determined by knowledge and wit. Though sharks are unpredictable creatures, the help of an experienced charter crew is essential for the best chances of reeling in a massive trophy shark.

With a number of shark species in the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find that there is plenty of variances between size, speed, and capabilities among the sharks that call the gulf home. It is important to understand the laws and regulations for shark fishing in the gulf, as they are different for each species that you may encounter. This is another great reason for shark charter fishing out of Destin, Florida. Whether you’re interested in catch and release, or catch and keep, the Finest Kind charter boat can help you to distinguish the keepers from the untouchables, while hosting your unique charter experience for shark fishing adventures. There is truly nothing more exciting in the world of fishing than hooking a shark!

caught sharkDestin, FL is a Shark Fishing Paradise

There are many types of sharks in Destin but those most commonly caught on the Emerald Coast include Bull Sharks, Hammerhead, Blacktips, and Sand sharks. It is also possible to hook Shortfin Makos or Tiger sharks in deeper waters, particularly if you’re working with an experienced charter deep sea fishing crew.

We intend to make your charter fishing experience both exciting and educational. Though you will be in great hands and learn from the Finest Kind charter crew, while on board, we encourage you and your shark charter fishing guests to learn more about the species that you will be hunting. Not only are shark facts interesting, but you’ll get to know your opponent and his characteristics well enough to say “Shark On” by the tug of your line!

Bull Sharks
Bull Sharks are very plentiful but also dangerous. The Bull Shark is among the top three species involved in human attacks, and it can be very menacing. This shark is a very territorial fish that prefers to stay close to shore and can even survive in fresh water. Chumming and drift fishing are great ways to hook Bull Sharks.

Hammerhead Sharks
Hammerhead Sharks are well known for their distinctive and unusual head shapes, and they’re one of our favorites. These sharks prefer to swim in schools by day but act as lone hunters at night. These sharks are listed as a catch and release only fish and are best sought out as part of a chartered deep sea fishing excursion.

Blacktip Sharks
Blacktip Sharks do not grow as heavy as some other sharks but they can still put up a terrific fight which make them a prime target for deep sea fishing adventurers. Blacktips are eating machines that love any kind of bait! They’re popular for their unique flavor and are common on many restaurant menus here in Destin.

Sand Sharks
Sand Sharks, named for their preference to stay near the shore line, are a mean-looking fish. They actually swim with their mouths open, displaying three rows of sharp pointy teeth. Sand sharks are the only known species of shark that will rise to the surface to gulp air which can give the kids quite a scare! They store the air in their stomachs so they can maintain a buoyancy to hunt prey while remaining nearly motionless. These sharks are catch and release only.

Tiger Sharks
Tiger Sharks are easily recognized by their unique pattern. Spotted as juveniles, these marks combine to form stripes as the shark matures which gives them a tiger-like appearance. This shark is one of the largest caught by Florida fishermen and their strength and size make them a formidable foe.

Mako Sharks
Mako Sharks are known among anglers as one of the most exciting sharks to catch. They’re always popular among bachelor parties and guy’s groups! These sharks are known for jumping up to 20 feet out of the water with amazing speeds and they’re the fastest swimming shark in the ocean.

Brace Yourself for Battle!

Shark Fishing in Destin, Florida, is a thrilling experience you’ll surely never forget!  Come to the heart of the Emerald Coast and make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to talk about your options for shark fishing among Destin’s waters.



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